Successful complete solutions for catering facilities and commercial kitchens

We take into account ongoing developments in the world of work, which have an impact on the type of production required and how to best manage daily operations in food production and serving. 

Company cafeterias now handle fewer customers, albeit with ever higher demands. Manufacturers of convenience food, on the other hand, are recording growing sales figures and steeply rising production volumes. On top of this, there is an ongoing shortage of skilled workers. All these factors require prudent technical investments and the establishment of efficient production processes.

Our industry-specific services:

Gastronomy ×

  • Catering concept design and consulting to increase the attractiveness of the company and its location for the employees
  • Planning for production systems such as cook & chill, cook & freeze, sous-vide, cook & serve
  • Planning for distribution systems such as free-flow, line dispensing, market places, food counters and food courts, and stadium catering
  • Logistics planning of supply and disposal systems, operational processes, delivery systems and warehousing
  • Planning of technical equipment for production, regeneration, output, dishwashing areas, refrigeration systems, ventilation, wet waste disposal, and storage technology
  • Caterer tenders

Inflight catering ×

  • Planning of production methods such as cook & freeze and cook & chill
  • Efficient design of stocking processes, e.g. for dishing, tray setting, dry goods & amenities replenishing, bar & beverage replenishing
  • Dimensioning and optimization of buffer zone and provisioning systems
  • Design of logistic systems in the high-bay warehouse, evaluation and design of potential transport automation
  • Selection of most suitable cooling methods such as brine cooling and cryogenic cooling
  • Supply and disposal planning, e.g. for waste and laundry
  • Dishwashing technologies
  • Consulting on and implementation of suitable IT systems

Convenience food ×

  • Analysis and optimization of existing production and logistics processes using lean methods and modern technologies
  • Implementation of economically and technologically efficient filling processes
  • Devising suitable packaging types and technologies, smooth integration of packaging lines as the interface between production and shipping logistics
  • Development of safe and reliable hygiene protocols compliant with the required regulations and certifications (EC/EU regulations, International Food Standard (IFS), etc.)
  • Selection of suitable types and sizes of storage systems for raw materials, production buffers, other ancillary and packaging materials and shipping
  • Design of efficient intralogistic transport for raw and semi-finished goods, containers, finished goods, packaging, waste, etc.
  • Development/extension of container facilities
  • Design and consulting on best-practice technologies in technical building equipment (TBE), specifically for the food industry

Added value

Decades of experience as a consultant and planner for the catering and food production industry

Interdisciplinary teams comprising engineers and chefs


Applying best practices from other industries


Efficient and secure planning using 3D models and BIM data


Expertise and implementation experience in IT and digitalization


In-house auditors for consulting on required legal standards of the food industry and, if necessary, preparation for IFS certification

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