Our approach

Our production specialists work closely with the logistics, architecture, and IT teams throughout the entire project. Under the guidance of our central project management, the interdisciplinary teams jointly develop solutions for digital factories of the future – based on expertise from the various areas and with a holistic view of all details.

Planning and implementing production facilities, logistics buildings and the related IT is both exciting and complex, and makes every single project at io extremely interesting! No project is ever just a “copy-paste” of something else! A special aspect is the detailed preliminary talks with the client, prior to the project start, to discuss exactly what the project will entail, along with the potential risks and possible coping strategies. This all helps to develop a common sense of teamwork. I also really appreciate the open exchange of views across all hierarchical levels at io and the opportunities to take on responsibility at an early stage.

Maximilian Bayer Senior Consultant | Pharma/biotech planning

We specialize in the following areas:

Factory planning

Whether we are planning a new build or the expansion or optimization of existing facilities, adaptability is always a key consideration for safeguarding future corporate developments.

We, therefore, take flexible expansion options into account right from the conceptual design phase. Sustainability is another key factor: when developing solutions for our clients, we combine state-of-the-art technology with proven methods and tools from lean production and operational excellence.

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Pharma/biotech planning

Whether for single use, continuous manufacturing or containment – our pharma/biotech division develops innovative solutions for holistic factory planning and implementation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

Our pharma team works closely with our other in-house disciplines. This ensures a high degree of knowledge transfer and opens up huge potential in all our project work.
We offer our clients intelligent concepts to implement their investment projects, while constantly improving our own expertise and moving existing applications forward.

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Food/catering planning

Producers of food and catering end products face high and very specific requirements when planning. This applies equally to industrial food production, staff restaurant, and catering facilities.


Our food and catering specialists plan and implement complex projects for and with our clients in the food industry and the convenience food, canteen kitchen, company catering, and hospital supply sectors. Today, we are the world market leader in planning large-scale in-flight catering facilities.
Mastering these projects calls for absolutely safe and efficient production processes and perfectly synchronized supply chains. Product safety and hygiene, a manufacturing environment according to defined guidelines, and economic efficiency are of the highest priority – from planning through implementation.

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