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Experienced professionals: We trust in your expertise and have faith in your ideas

Knowledge sharing and a spirit of togetherness are very important to us. We live and actively promote collaboration across all experience levels and disciplines. As an experienced colleague, you will also take young talent under your wing and support them as they develop. Together we are a strong team.

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Five good reasons to join us

We trust in you and your experience. With us, you take responsibility right from the start - for topics, teams and projects.


Take advantage of the opportunity to shape our processes and structures and drive forward important topics and fields of work. Let your own ideas and approaches flow into our corporate development.


By integrating the different areas of expertise under one roof, our everyday work is shaped by short channels of communication, uncomplicated coordination options and quick decisions.


At io, you can expect a team-oriented, inclusive working environment. We live the interdisciplinary team spirit both within the individual projects and teams as well as beyond our departments.


Our projects in a wide variety of industries, at different scales and levels of complexity ensure that our day-to-day work remains challenging and varied, even for our experienced colleagues. We support this further personal development with training courses that are tailored to the needs of our colleagues.


It is important for our consulting services that I know my clients’ short- and long-term needs, and that we develop these together to identify new opportunities. I also accompany major projects from the initial project idea to actual implementation. These varied and communicative tasks make working at io every day so much more than just doing my job.

io Mitarbeiter Christian Schindler
Christian Schindler Senior Consultant | Logistics

io gives you the perfect start to your career – with professional onboarding and extensive further training opportunities.

Our supportive and team-focused environment is the perfect setting for a steep learning curve and gives you ample room for personal development. A mentor will guide you as you find your feet in the company and help you shape your career.

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Five good reasons to join us.

Gain project experience in motivated teams, grow with us and take responsibility in projects early on. We believe in your dynamics and commitment.

At the start of your employment, we have a structured induction and onboarding process. This includes participation in our internal mentoring program.

We will integrate you into our project work right from the start and support and accompany you in your further development. You can look forward to exciting fields of activity in innovative projects with with high-profile clients.

We support you to take on real responsibility at an early stage, growing from your experiences and encourage a steep learning curve.

Working in our interdisciplinary teams ensures a cross-disciplinary exchange of knowledge on a daily basis. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about interface topics with related disciplines and, in the process, get to know new approaches and perspectives.

Our holistic training program includes a range of selected workshops for every career level. We combine different formats with expertise from various external trainers and internal know-how.

From the very beginning, my team has been extremely supportive, helpful and friendly, creating a great working atmosphere. The mentoring program for new employees and the many opportunities for further training prove that the company is committed to helping each individual move forward.

io Mitarbeiterin Carmen Prince
Carmen Prince Analyst | Pharma/Biotech

University students – It’s not only production, logistics, architecture and IT that we combine. We also combine theory with practical experience!

Internships, theses, working students and pre-master’s programs.
We offer you the opportunity to expand your theoretical knowledge with practical experience as part of an internship, thesis, working student position or through our pre-master’s program. You will put the knowledge gained from your studies directly into practice and apply it in exciting project work.

Internship / practical semester ×

Are you part way through your studies and need some practical work experience? Do you want to find out how projects work in practice and get actively involved in project work? Can you commit to at least three months with us, and can’t wait to put your theoretical knowledge to the test?
During your internship you will join one of our interdisciplinary project teams and get first-hand experience of working in a globally active planning and consulting company. You will gain an insight into your colleagues’ varied day-to-day work, be involved in exciting projects and have the opportunity to work independently, playing to your strengths and talents.
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Final thesis ×

Are you on the home stretch of your studies and your final thesis is the icing on the cake? Do you like working independently, thinking outside of the box and are always in search of the ideal solution? We offer contemporary and leading-edge topics for your bachelor’s or master’s thesis that tie directly into our project work. As well as your university supervisor, you will have an io expert at your side to help you structure your ideas and methods as you work on your thesis. Regular team discussions will provide additional food for thought. 
We will be right beside you on the last, exciting stage of your studies. Convince us of your ideas and capabilities!
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Final thesis

Working student job ×

Practical experience that enhances your theoretical knowledge.
Do you need to gain professional experience alongside your studies and want to feel the buzz of project work as well as everyday planning and consulting? As a working student, you will join one of our interdisciplinary teams and help to actively shape project work. You will apply the knowledge gained from your studies to a wide variety of tasks, helping you to develop both professionally and personally.
Your working hours will be arranged flexibly and in consultation with your team, making it easier for you to combine your studies and your job at all times.
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As a master’s student at io, my colleagues instantly gave me a warm welcome and fully integrated me into the team – in work and social activities alike. Everyone was always open to any questions I had relating to my thesis and always helped me with their professional wisdom. As well as my master’s thesis, I also took on tasks in everyday project work, gaining an insight into my future field of work.

io Mitarbeiter Jonas Brunner
Jonas Brunner Analyst | Pharma/Biotech
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io Mitarbeiterin USA Deanna Bergman
Deanna Bergman
Managing Assistant