Modern and efficient solutions

Changes in digitalization and growing customer demands present new challenges to the healthcare sector.

Our comprehensive and holistic consulting and planning services are shaped by our detailed knowledge of all main and auxiliary processes, priorities and challenges of hospital logistics and care in the following areas:

  • Pharmacy and drug supplies
  • Catering, food production and food supply
  • Central sterilization and sterile supplies
  • Waste management
  • Laundries and laundry supply processes
  • Storage, logistics and goods transport
  • IT systems and digitalization

Added value

Increased patient safety by introducing automatic picking carts and a universal electronic documentation system for patient medication supplies

Streamlining the variety of products, modular supply options and make-or-buy decisions on goods including sterile goods

Converting the meal production concept with selection and adaptation of the related meal distribution system to the patient

Infection control planning for transporting sterile supplies and hospital waste

Economic feasibility studies for laundry supplies and support in subsequent stages

Reorganization of processes for legally compliant and cost-effective waste disposal


Introduction of automated order and delivery processes for in-house goods transport

Planning and implementation of integrated IT processes and systems

Reduction of operating costs through automated guided vehicle systems, electric monorail systems, pneumatic tube systems and automatic waste disposal systems