Efficient production, logistics and IT solutions

Social media and e-commerce are becoming increasingly important and having a growing impact on consumer behavior. In the consumer goods industry, there is a trend towards more individualized order structures, leading to smaller order and batch sizes combined with higher service requirements.

Our industry-specific services:

  • Examination of the current technology and system landscape, identification of potential and solutions in automation, production lines, process engineering, filling and packaging
  • Identification of the appropriate level of automation
  • Strategy development plans for smart factories
  • Make-or-buy analyses
  • Assembly planning and optimization
  • Planning and optimizing pre-assemblies, parts production and (multi-channel) logistics
  • Development of highly automated process chains, including risk assessments
  • Networking with various customer systems (e.g., SAP MES / SAP EWM MFS)
  • Evaluation, prioritization and recommendation of future automated and autonomous system solutions

Added value

In-house experts from production, process and laboratory technology, architecture and construction, building and supply engineering, logistics, automation, and IT

Transformation of latest trends and technologies into applicable solutions

Applying best practices from other industries

Efficient and secure planning using 3D models and BIM data