The focus is on a short time-to-solution

A consistently developed and effectively managed supply chain is a proven key success factor for market-leading companies. The individual elements of the supply chain – from suppliers, transports, production sites and logistics centers, right through to the customer – are subject to constantly changing influences and, like any vital organ, must be constantly tended to in order to stay healthy.

The windows available for optimizations, transformations and conducting projects are getting smaller, while the surrounding environment is becoming increasingly volatile and the solution scenarios more complex. This prompted io to develop their  Supply Chain Lifecycle Management service profile, drawing on many years of consulting experience, and designed for long-term, continuous cooperation with our clients. The individual elements focus on one central aspect: a short time-to-solution for the tasks ahead within your supply chain.

We achieve this through advanced analytics, direct access to our clients’ data repositories, reliable collaboration and consistent support for your supply chain. Our tools and methods, developed and proven over decades, then become supporting systems in ongoing operations. Aided by our specially developed digital solutions, we implement them directly in your operational environment in the shortest possible time.

Added value

We are your experienced partner, guiding you continuously and sustainably through the transformation of your supply chain.

Long-term guidance following specific (investment) projects as well as processing and handling of individual optimizations


Holistic improvements on basis of our insights from technology, processes, and implementing IT systems

Customized solutions from proven, standardized methods and tools that are adapted and verified for the respective needs support you not only once but permanently in keeping your supply chain fit for purpose

Continous fitness in ongoing operations through well-founded consulting and planning: Our expert teams combine their skills and experience from countless projects for different industries and disciplines

Our methods & tools

Our experts apply innovative approaches and best practices from various disciplines to each task. We have developed strategies and solutions through more than 10,000 consulting and engineering projects. These invariably result in added value – always with a view to successful transformation.

Our broad range of services enable us to assemble the right combination for you and the challenges you face, with a variety of methods and tools:

Maturity check

Kick-off with our maturity check for a first insight into our Supply Chain Lifecycle Management and to uncover hidden potential. Once the foundation has been laid, we will help you select and prioritize the modules that will take you forward in the short, medium and long term.

Team empowerment

We apply our understanding of supply chain lifecycle management toward the goal of shaping your future as a team. Sharing our expertise to empower your team members is a key element of our spirit of partnership.

AI-based decision boards and analytics

Leverage your data’s full potential using our customized, advanced analytics and AI. These give you the key insights to focus on the respective dependencies and make the most effective adjustments.

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Continuous health checks

Our experts will regularly assess your situation, allowing you to transparently benchmark your performance and activities.

Program and project execution

Work with us to create the appropriate project environment to streamline activities and implement the required governance. Initiate necessary actions in good time, allow for cross-functional decision-making, and involve stakeholders.

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EPCMV partnerships

Reduce the stress on your own resources and benefit from compact interfaces using io’s holistic expertise. We support you from the initial idea to go-live and subsequent optimization across all phases and disciplines.

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Innovation and excellence

In the course of our Supply Chain Lifecycle Management, our experts will develop and implement innovative ideas in conjunction with you. Working with our interdisciplinary teams, you will benefit from io’s wealth of cross-industry expertise in your pursuit of excellence.

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On-site services

Local on-site teams work with you to transfer your specific expertise between projects and ensure efficient project execution, compliance and ad-hoc support.

Digital twins/digital supply & value chain

BIM, Industry 4.0, AI analytics, Digital Network Models, and more – io creates a digital roadmap tailored precisely to your needs. Digital twins are increasingly becoming core elements of continuous Supply Chain Lifecycle Management.

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