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News 2022-03-14

New brand presence for io-consultants and io-DS | US

Revamped “io” corporate brand launched on March 14, 2022.

The management of consulting and planning company io-consultants GmbH & Co. KG and its subsidiary io-DigitalSolutions GmbH is taking a strategic step towards the future. With the introduction and adoption of the “io” corporate brand at all its worldwide subsidiaries, the Group is equipping itself for the challenges of the global market.

Introducing this principal corporate brand and uniting the various service areas and expertise of all io companies sends a powerful message to the market. In future, io-DigitalSolutions GmbH, an SAP Gold Partner and leading SAP consultant for optimizing and digitalizing supply and value chains, will also appear under the io brand, communicating the breadth of services available. Customers will benefit even more from the effective combination of io-consultants’ logistics expertise and io-DigitalSolutions’ SAP and digitalization know-how under a common brand. The distinctive “everything from a single source” aspect gains additional emphasis, without compromising the specialized consulting and planning services provided by io’s in-house experts.

The new slogan “Passion. Transformation. Results.” succinctly summarizes both our own results-centered mindset and the market challenges facing our customers over the coming years. “Adapting to the speed of digitalization, focusing on topics such as sustainability, and delivering expert professional advice are core tasks – and we are well equipped for them,” says Thomas Kilimann, Managing Director of io.

New business areas for cross-industry services

The further evolution of the “io” corporate brand is not only reflected in the brand logo, but also in the definition of specific business areas, which each represent a group of consulting modules and planning services. io will in future communicate its varied and detailed service portfolio through the following business areas:

Production & Processes, Supply Chain & Logistics, SAP Solutions & Digitalization, Architecture & Sustainability, Operational Excellence, Project Management, Supply Chain Lifecycle Management, Cloud Solutions & Analytics.

io offers a cross-discipline and cross-industry portfolio of services to meet evolving customer needs and requirements.

Website relaunch

The inception of the business areas goes hand in hand with the launch of our new web presence: all existing corporate websites have been merged as part of the website relaunch to provide a single point of contact for everyone around the world. The new website is also the first point of contact for applicants and cooperation partners.

Visit our website at

About io ×

Over 60 years of experience in lead consulting 

io offers consulting and planning services for the supply chain – across the board and from a single source. Established in 1958, io supports its clients from the first strategic idea through to the implementation of complex industrial projects for the supply and value chain.

Competence through close interlocking 

With its comprehensive expertise in production, logistics, SAP/IT, architecture and project management, io develops holistic solutions along the complete supply and value chain, offering an unparalleled blend of services.

Worldwide partners 

In addition to its location in the USA (Bethlehem, PA), io has offices in Europe (Germany: Heidelberg [headquarter], Berlin, Dortmund, Leonberg, Munich; Poland: Łódź), the Middle East (Dubai) and Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore).

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