Efficient logistics design for future growth

Clients trust the high level of service and reliability that Belimo is renowned for. The company's impressive steady growth over several years resulted in a need to build a new plant in Danbury (Connecticut, USA). This was the only way to ensure the high level of service and performance towards its clients.

Belimo worked with io to develop an efficient logistics concept to meet the high quality their customers require. This also had to be flexible enough to react swiftly to new product developments and future growth.


Belimo not only stayed loyal to its location, but also invested in a state-of-the-art facility that allows them to expand their production and workforce.

Stephen Bull president of the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce

High level of service in production

io’s design took special account of the differing requirements placed on Belimo by direct sales, customized production and the manufacture of finished products.

A container conveyor system is at the heart of production, forming the main artery between a miniload ASRS with goods-to-person picking stations and a highly efficient packaging line.

io successfully guided Belimo’s team through all project phases – from detailed design, tendering and contracting processes to implementation, testing and acceptance procedures, and final production ramp-up.

io’s professional project management ensured that everything was completed on time and under budget. Belimo’s customers can now benefit from the combination of fully and semi-automated solutions developed by io, and the resulting high level of service. Thanks to io’s expert planning, the new system was seamlessly integrated into the existing manufacturing and IT processes without disruption.

The new production, logistics and administration facilities were successfully put into operation in 2014.

Key Facts



Belimo has its headquarters in Switzerland and is the world market leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing field devices used to regulate and control heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Its core business is in sensors, control valves and damper actuators. Founded in 1975, the company employs around 1,900 staff in over 80 countries and has been listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX) since 1995. BELIMO Americas, based in Danbury, Connecticut, offers its clients customized actuators and valves for the most demanding requirements.

The challenge

  • Ensure a high level of service and performance to clients
  • Provide flexibility for new product developments and future growth


  • Future-oriented logistics design: ideal combinations of automated storage and retrieval technology, and conveyors and manual storage systems for efficient material handling
  • Significant increase in the level of service for Belimo’s clients