Spare parts distribution center at full capacity

The high demand for spare parts and workshop equipment presented new challenges for Bosch Automotive Aftermarket’s distribution center based in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). The spare parts operation center was fast approaching its limits in parts throughput and space in general.

Bosch could not expand the plant due to space and terrain constraints. Another significant aspect was that new products in the Bosch portfolio could not be easily integrated into the existing warehousing and picking processes – the existing storage and conveying systems had reached the end of their life cycle. Bosch therefore faced a major challenge: upgrading the plant without jeopardizing fulfillment of customer orders.

Innovative solutions for logistical challenges

Tender documents, including CAD drawings and equipment specifications, were generated to speed up the bidding process, enabling Bosch to put the plant into operation smoothly and on schedule.

The new design improved the facility in countless ways, enhancing the efficiency of the distribution center. Storage capacity was increased without needing to expand the building simply by optimizing space utilization. The storage systems were standardized to improve flexibility and adaptability to future product lines. Inefficiencies in existing systems and processes were eliminated, reducing operating costs.

The new concept significantly reduced the many complex daily processes that the company previously had to monitor, resulting in more accurate picking and order fulfillment. Conveyor systems were also redesigned to improve order processing and consolidation.

Bosch AA’s redesigned distribution center went live in May 2016.

Key Facts


Bosch AA

Robert Bosch GmbH, Bosch for short, is a leading multinational mechanical engineering and electronics company with its headquarters in Gerlingen near Stuttgart, Germany. Automotive Aftermarket, located within the Bosch Automotive Division, manages the supply, logistics and distribution of automotive spare parts and Bosch aftermarket products.

The challenge

  • High demand for spare parts and workshop equipment
  • Insufficient space for optimum throughput
  • Not possible to extend existing plant


  • Build on the existing concept, with detailed design for plant optimization
  • Optimize space utilization to increase storage capacity
  • Standardize storage systems to increase efficiency
  • Redesign conveyor systems to improve order processing and consolidation