Why we are so passionate about our work

Creating a better work environment for people.

Providing a good work environment is vital for companies to attract and keep the best staff. Through thoughtful, holistic and high-quality design we provide the optimal setting for quality of life and efficiency of work.

Taking responsibility for our next generation by developing and implementing more sustainable ways to build.

Annual carbon dioxide emissions worldwide generated by buildings is over 2.4 billion tons. A large proportion of this is generated by construction for industry. Therefore, it must be our responsibility as designers and engineers to ensure that what we create contributes in a meaningful and positive way to minimizing this. We already know that the next ten to twenty years will determine our future. Let’s start now.

Generating our own form of beauty through sustainable integrated design for industry: We need the right mindset.

Creating or rejuvenating production sites, our customers focus must be to maintain leadership in their industries. So, flexibility, efficiency and cost benefit are their top priorities. However, they also have a corporate identity to develop and a responsibility to their community. This is the chance through our unique integrated approach to develop and realize the vision for our future.

How we work at io.

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Let us for a moment, compare a building or production facility to the human form. We have a skeleton (the framework/ structure) which gives us our rigidity and stability whilst allowing us to flex, move, grow and adapt to our needs and environment. We have organs (processes, building services, support functions) which animate us, power us take in life-giving energy, remove waste, allow us to think, process, produce things and alter our future. We have our skin (roof/ façade) which protects us from our environment as well as aiding in keeping us warm, cool, waterproofed and allows us to breath to keep us fit.

Jeremy Hotchkiss Partner bei io
Jeremy Hotchkiss Design Lead and Partner at io | Architecture

What we do is building integrated, intelligent and beautiful architecture for industry.

Our selection of international projects demonstrates how:

Who is part of team io

One of the most important things about our work is our interdisciplinary team spirit.
Together with their colleagues and experts in logistics, production and IT our architects develop integrated projects – from design to reality.

The io-culture and our interdisciplinary team spirit

As architects at io, we accompany large and complex industrial construction projects from site assessment, conception and master planning to execution planning and implementation support. We develop buildings and processes as a holistic system, therefore there is an open exchange between the teams from our architecture, production, logistics and IT departments. Each team member has the opportunity to contribute his or her own strengths to the project work.

Luqman Malik Consultant | Architecture

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